Approximately 250,000 rivers flow through America’s landscape. Nearly 6,000 groups, indigenous communities, and government agencies work at local, state, and regional levels to protect and restore rivers and drinking water. This map also shows rivers protected by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act—celebrating 50 years in 2018—including 12,000 miles of 200+ rivers designated in 40 states and Puerto Rico. 

Now anyone, anywhere can connect with these water protectors using the map. Thanks River Network for this community resource.

Get to Know the Organizations


Business for Water Stewardship is a network of over 1200 businesses interested in sustaining our rivers for the well-being of our communities and the economy. We provide the business community ways to engage through funding restoration projects, reducing water use on site, campaigns to encourage water awareness, and through advocacy to promote progressive water use policy- all towards helping businesses achieve leadership in water stewardship. Interested businesses can: look at our Project Bank for ways to contribute financially to river restoration projects; check out our Change the Course campaign here to learn about promoting water awareness; and see how they can lend their voice to the policy work we do here. Join the network today by signing our endorsement here.


Water connects us all, and American Rivers is working toward a future where every community can enjoy clean water and healthy rivers. In this 50th anniversary year of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, we’re supporting the 5,000 Miles of Wild® campaign to protect 5,000 new miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers nationwide. Learn more about American Rivers, and take action to protect our last free-flowing wild rivers.


American Whitewater is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) river conservation organization founded in 1954 with a mission to conserve and restore America’s whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely. Through our individual members and affiliate clubs, we represent approximately 80000 paddlesports enthusiasts that have a direct connection to our nations rivers, and a shared commitment to stewardship of streams throughout the country, of all sizes and challenges. American Whitewater members proposed some of the initial concepts for protection of waterways that became the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. This legislation was passed in 1968 and 50 years later we continue to use this important tool for protecting some of our nation's most spectacular rivers. Support American Whitewater today, because rivers need to be protected, restored, and enjoyed! 


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is dedicated to protecting the lands and water on which all life depends.  America’s rivers provide drinking water and recreation opportunities, support agriculture and wildlife, and shape our landscapes.  TNC works with partners, policy makers, farmers and industry to give nature a seat at the table as we address water needs and issues.  Learn more about our work on rivers in the Colorado River Basin.


Western Resource Advocates envisions a future in which the West’s rivers and lakes have abundant clean water to support world class recreational opportunities, fish and wildlife, communities and farms, and that allows the Colorado River to flow to the sea. We must take steps to safeguard our rivers and lakes through wiser water management and updated water policies and laws. With smarter solutions, water demands for our communities and farms can be met while keeping enough water to make rivers and lakes healthy. 


Conservation Colorado advocates for solutions to secure a sustainable water future. You can support our work the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market by making your way out to Elevate Conservation: Outdoors for All at Stranahan's Distillery on Tuesday, July 24th from 6 - 9 PM.  Learn more about this great event, which will bring the conservation community together with the outdoor industry and key decision makers to celebrate and promote continued conservation advocacy. This year's event will  be highlighting some of the diverse voices working to protect our outdoors and advocate for the reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. At Conservation Colorado, we continually strive to incorporate the needs of diverse communities as we find solutions to ensure that our state has enough water for future generations.  


Something Independent has come to see, over the years, what 'real work' looks like and better understand the mindset that lies behind it – a disposition inherent to the Mountain West and the independent-minded men and women who carve their paths here. Resiliency, commitment and passion. These are the kind of traits required in the work of preserving public lands and protecting our water future. S|I initiatives such as The Wright and Trade School bring together those at the forefront of their respective communities. Outdoor-inspired advocates, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists leading important conversations and leaning into the biggest challenges surrounding our natural resources, most notably water.